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Mining Accident in China Claims more than 100 Lives
Here at the Hegang mine in Heilongjiang Province, more than a hundred miners died in an underground explosion over the weekend. No explanation has been provided for the cause of the explosion so the wives of deceased miners came to find out for themselves. But they were met by police and security guards. [Widow, Protester]: "None of the officials have died! All of the dead are the workers! Not one of those officials has died! The officials are all alive! The workers are all dead! Not one of those officials has even been down into that mine!" The women say they havent been able to contact officials. [Widow, Protester]: "Several days? Several days? Why have their mobile phones been off for several days? Huh? What's the reason behind it? Why haven't they given us answers? When will they respond to us and tell us what happened?" The ordeal hasnt been easy for them at all. [Widow, Protester]: "We're always waiting. This morning I got up so early and I can't sleep a wink anyway. Us family members can only sit around and wait. The children are crying and we don't even know who we can ask! We want to know who to ask! And we can't find a single person." In the first half of this year more than 1,100 people have died in officially recorded coalmine accidents across China.
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China Mine Blast Rescue
ZHANG: A deadly mine blast in central China. Three miners are dead and 26 more are still missing. Rescue workers are continuing efforts to save the miners trapped in a coal mine in Shaanxi Province. STORY: 36 men were working in the pit when a coal mine gas explosion occurred at the Yaotou mine in Chengcheng county, Shaanxi Province Wednesday. Seven managed to escape. The state-owned mine was closed earlier in the month for repairs. A state-run news agency quoted a mine worker saying that the repair work was still unfinished on the night of the blast. According to the report, 27 miners were trapped and one killed in two other mine accidents which also took place on Wednesday. Both of these accidents were caused by flooding. Rescue work is also underway. China has the most dangerous coal-mining industry in the world and its attitude to accidents have often come under criticism. Nearly 3,800 coal miners died in gas blasts, flogging and other accidents last year alone. Companies often ignore safety regulations in a rush to feed the demand from the economy.
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Explanation to Russian mining accidents
It happens too many fatal acidents in Russian mining industry. Here is one representative from the Union explaning .....
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201 dead, over 100 trapped underground in Turkey mine exlosion
The Prime Minister’s office has declared three days of national mourning over one of the county’s worst industrial disasters. The death toll of the accident has soared to 201, and is expected to rise as the rescue operation continues. More than 100 people are still believed to be trapped inside the mine. 80 workers were injured and at least four of them are in serious condition. Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency said in a statement that the explosion was in a privately-owned mine in the Soma district of western province Manisa. It happened at a power distribution unit two kilometers below the surface, which stopped the mine’s elevator. The operator said that they inspected the mine’s facilities only two months ago and found nothing against regulations. The latest incident is one of the numerous mining accidents that Turkey has had in recent years. Accidents such as cave-ins and explosions claim the lives of dozens of mine workers yearly. The country’s worst mining disaster was in 1992, when 270 miners were killed in the northern Turkish province of Zonguldak.
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